YAKITORI Broiled chicken on skiewers with Teriyaki sauce $3.95
EDAMAME Salt boiled soy beans $3.95
ATARIME Dried squid broiled served with mayo. & soy sauce $3.95
SUNAGIMO Salted gizzards broiled $3.95
EGG ROLL Sasaki special home made $3.95
SHISHAMO Grilled salted smelt fish $4.95
OTSUKEMONO Japanese pickles $4.95
GYOZA Panfried dumpling with pork and vegetables $4.95
ODEN: Seasonal Assorted fish cake cooked in clear soup $11.95


MISO Soy bean soup $1.95
NAMEKO MISO Soy bean soup with Japanese mushroom $4.95
OSUMASHI Clear soup $3.50
CHAWAN MU SHI Steamed egg custard soup with seafood $5.95
DOBIN MU SHI Seafood and shiitake cooked in a cray pot $8.95