About Us

Sasaki is a high quality Japanese restaurant in Houston. The food served there is very similar to what you find in a Japanese restaurant. You can eat sushi, sashimi”, and other popular Japanese food. It also has an authentic Japanese environment.
The sushi served at Sasaki are excellent. Sushi are small rice balls with something on them such as sashimi (raw fish). There are two that I especially recommend: “uni” (sushi made of sea urchin roe, or fish eggs) and “anago” (sushi with eel). These are my favorites, but salmon and tuna sushi are also good.
The atmosphere at Sasaki is special. When I go there, I feel like I am really eating in Japan. Sushi restaurants in Japan have a counter table where you can sit in front of the chef, or you can sit at ordinary tables. Most people like to sit at the counter table because they can have special service and talk with the chef.
To be sure to get a seat at the counter table, you should make a reservation before you go there to eat. If you go many times, the chef will remember you and your favorite choices. For example, if he knows you like Red Snapper, he will say, “Today we have a very good Red Snapper.”
You can sit at the counter table at Sasaki, too and enjoy this kind of service. In addition, many Japanese companies seem to like to take their customers to Sasaki for business dinners, so you can be sure that it’s an authentic Japanese environment.
So, if you want to eat good quality Japanese food in an authentic Japanese restaurant atmosphere, I recommend you try the Sasaki Restaurant.